I’m a multidisciplinary designer currently working in Vienna.
With a background in advertising in Australia, I’ve worked with award winning
small studios and large agencies across a range of projects and campaigns
involving art direction, UI/UX design for websites and apps, animation and illustration.

Linkedin  //  Download my CV  //  chu@chuyookliew.com




I’m originally from Australia

No, I haven’t been bitten by spiders, snakes or sharks

I didn’t appreciate beer until I moved to Austria

Ice cream over chips any day!

I love cycle touring

I’m determined

I used to be petrified of dogs

I found the Ghibli Museum truly inspiring

I regret not practising the piano enough to master it

Bon Iver at the Sydney Opera House 2012: hands-down the best gig ever

Psychological thrillers freak me out, so do rats

I’ve climbed the Great Wall 3 times

I’ve broken a collarbone

The weirder a dish looks, the more I’ll want to eat it

The Bike Around project warms the cockles of my heart

Ask me more at chu@chuyookliew.com




3 Mobile, Air New Zealand, Alzheimers NSW, American Honey
Bankwest, Berlei, BT Financial Group, Campari, Carnival Cruises
Coca Cola, Ella Baché, Fetch TV, Frangelico, IKEA, King Island Dairy
LEGO, McDonalds, Pataks, Tourism Western Australia, Sony
Sydney Water, Virgin Mobile, Vodafone, Volkswagen